Research Interests




  • Interaction between Globalization and Economic Indicators based on Theoretical and Empirical Specifications of Modeling,



  • International  Trade  and  Regionalization  on:  Economic Convergence,  Trade Liberalization,  Trade  Integration,  Free  Trade  Area  (FTA),  Prefer ential  Trade Agreements  (PTA),  Regional  Trading  Blocks  (RTBs),  Economics  of  International Tourism,
  • Interaction  between  International  Trade  and  Environmental  Issues  based  on Theoretical and Empirical Specifications of Modeling, 
  • Issues of  International Finance: Exchange Rate Patterns, Exchange Rate Pass-through,
  • Modeling Financial Crisis,  
  • Applications of Econometrics (Regression Models, Time Series Methods, Panel Data) to the above Topics,
  • Program Evaluation (including Treatment Effects and Matching) of Economic Studies.
  • Microeconometrics and Non-par ametric Models   
  • International Tr ade and Environment,
  • International Tr ade and Entrepreneurship.
  • International Economics and SMEs.


  • 1985, B.A. in Economics, University of Isfahan, Iran.
  • 1990, M.A. in economics (International Economics), University of Isfahan, Iran, Thesis titled:"A  Combination  of  Inter-Industry  Transactions  in  ECO:an  Application  of  Integrated Input-Output Table". Supervisor: Dr. M. Firouzabadi
  • 1996, Ph.D. in Economics (Applied Economics), University of Wollongong, Australia, Thesis:"Econometric  Modeling  of  Import  Demand  in  Developing  Countries: the  Case  of Iran". Supervisors:Prof. Tran Van Hoa and Prof. Charles HarvieProf. Tran Van Hoa and Prof. Charles Harvie